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With more than 10 years of history and intensely growing. Founded in the year 2009 in the manufacturing and direct selling of Nutraceutical and Herbal dietary supplement formulations, ingredients and research. A vertically integrated Herbonutraceutical products manufacturing company having facilities in western parts of India, Gujarat. The company manufactures various private label/third party brands to different companies across the country and overseas as well own brands sells through online and direct selling model. Since years we consider that we have changed the industry in many ways and trying to set new standards in product formulations development, branded ingredients and new ingredients development with competitive pricing to give our esteemed clients a competitive edge over others apart from providing highest quality products. High-quality sales and marketing based on technology is the powerful strength of the company.

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Best Tablet Manufacturer.

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Best Capsules Manufacturer.

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Best Powder/Sachets Manufacturer.

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Best Oral Liquids Manufacturer.

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Our customers are very happy with our service, we always treat our customer as family and love to serve them. We have list of happy clients who are working with us from very long time and they also refer to others which we are really thankful.


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Nutraceuticals & Herbal

Walpar Nutritions is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of Nutraceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceuticals Formulation. We are specialized in "CONTRACT" manufacturer for different kind of formulation in Nutraceuticals and Herbal products.

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We have different range products in our list. We are one stop solution for any kind of nutraceutical product manufacturing. We have very high capacity for manufacturing of product. We can serve small to large scall requirements with best team and install machinaries.

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