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Our Past: We began WALPAR NUTRITIONS LTD previously known as Walpar healthcare whose journey initiated with direct selling business model which deals scientifically proved products selling directly to common people with nutritional specific diseases.
From that time only we got nurtured with concentration of customer satisfaction and quality conscious products development, trusting on the experiences we had gained as a brand.
We decided to become the kind of supplement contract manufacturer that we would want to work with as we have faced problem with different contract manufacturer who were not capable of reverting our phone calls, not giving attention on our product packaging right, or providing rational quote and product dispatch on times.
We raised a network of possessions, time-honored a set of core values, and cultivated a team that was second to none. These efforts earned us the esteem and trustworthiness of our clients as well as recognition by Pharmatech Magazine, The CIMS Business Awards as “Fastest Growing Nutraceutical Company”, and Best in Biz among others – hardening our domicile as a nutraceutical industry pioneer and supposed groundbreaker.

Our Present:
We are now having a dedicated team to>

  • Reformulate existing products to include scientifically-backed ingredients that are on the cutting edge of the latest market trends.
  • Expand product lines to include innovative dosage forms, innovative formulations, and eye-catching packaging designs.
  • Bring custom, high-quality dietary supplements to market for the first time.
  • Having three dedicated units.
Our Future:
Our task will always be to set the standard for dietary supplement contract manufacturing apart from our own brand for the direct selling business. In doing so, we endeavor with the very best in customer facility and manufacturing abilities.
We’ve come a stretched way since our story first began, growing from a small start-up into loyal organization with connections across the country and around the globe we now focused on meeting needs of following:
  • Increasing our reach to include global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.
  • Exploring the latest advancements and trends in contract manufacturing – from dose forms to packaging.
  • To spread nutraceutical and herbal knowledge digitally.
  • Embracing our role as the go-to resource for those seeking nutraceutical knowledge.
  • The first ever personalized supplement for the especially with the help of Dieticians and Nutritionist& fitness trainers.
With the support of team, the dedication of our team, and the loyalty of our clients, we know that we have the skills and the experience necessary to turn these goals into realities.

We’ve 10 Years Nutraceutical Experience


What people say

  • I am working with so many companies but when it comes to Walpar Nutritions I must say that they stand out from others with their quality and science based products & services.

    Sameer Shah

  • It has been really a long association with Walpar Nutritions and I am really happy to see them as a market leader with excellent services & products.

    Vineet Agrawal

    Delwis Healthcare
  • Walpar Nutritions has highly experienced and well qualified team with sound knowledge and I am utterly satisfied with their services.

    Sandeep Gupta

    Baxium Healthcare

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We are expanding and growing very strongly. We have very strong footprints into nutraceuticals and herbal product manufacturing. We are wprking with so many reputed companies and delivering quality products to them.

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